Automatic System

Shelves with automatic systems can not only free people from heavy physical labor, part of mental work, and harsh and dangerous working environment, but also expand human organ function, greatly improve labor productivity, enhance human understanding of the world and transform The power of the world.
The shelves we offer with automated systems are mainly heavy duty electric pallet racks and wireless shuttle racks. These shelves only need one channel, the space utilization rate is extremely high, safe and reliable, and easy to move. According to the load bearing, it can be divided into three types: heavy, medium and light. Generally, heavy-duty shelves are electrically controlled for easy movement, and light and medium-sized are generally used for hand movement.
Product Features:
It is suitable for warehouses with many varieties of stocks, but with low frequency of entry and exit, or warehouses with high inventory frequency, but can be stored in the order of lanes. Usually only one working channel is needed, which can greatly improve the utilization of warehouse area, so it is widely used in warehouses of media, library, finance, food and other industries.
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