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Cantilevered shelf design

- May 02, 2018 -

Cantilevered shelf design

1. The column is made of two cold-rolled C-profile surfaces - face-to-face welding, which fully utilizes the material's anti-load capacity, light weight, strong bearing capacity, low manufacturing cost, more economical and beautiful appearance, and is a more universal type abroad. Structure formation;

2. The column is punched with double rows of holes with a pitch of 140 (50) mm, so the cantilever can be hung on it to adjust the height of each layer up and down, increasing the flexibility of storage activities;

3. Design back pull to increase the overall stability of the shelf, with high strength cantilever, load capacity, high space utilization, plus a partition, especially for small space, low height of the warehouse, easy management, open vision.

Cantilevered shelf features

1. Cantilevered shelves have a stable structure, good load capacity, and high space utilization;

2, cantilever shelves increase the partition, suitable for small space, low height warehouse, easy management, wide field of vision, compared with ordinary partition type shelves, the utilization rate is higher;

3, cargo access by the forklift, driving or manual, easy access to the goods.

Cantilevered shelf security:

1. The arm rack shelf adopts the national standard H-shaped steel, and is bolted to the column and the bottom is welded to the bottom plate. The shelf is connected to the ground with expansion bolts to make the shelf more stable. When accessing goods, there is no obstruction to the column, so Picking up the goods is very convenient. It can be said that the safety factor of cantilevered shelves is still very high. The

2.Usage: Used to store long materials, ring materials, plates, pipes and irregular goods. Suitable for small space, low height warehouse, convenient management, wide field of vision, compared with ordinary shelf-type shelves, the utilization rate is higher. For storage of bulky, scattered or other special products, cantilevered shelves are also the best choice, widely used. In the machining and building materials supermarket industry.


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