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Storage racking for pallet

- Sep 21, 2017 -

Narrow aisle racking: narrow aisle racking, as the name implies, forklift picking channel narrower. Narrow aisle racking for the main beam racking, but also the pallet storage racking. But the forklift pick-up channel is much narrower than the ordinary beam-type shelves, generally about 1.6m-2m, need to configure a special forklift --- three-way stacker. Compared with the ordinary beam-type racking, Narrow aisle racking greatly save the warehouse space, improve the warehouse space utilization and storage density.

Push-back Racking:Push-back Racking, using the combination of track and pallet car principle, the track was a certain slope (3 ° or so), the use of the goods of their own weight. After the forklift takes the first pallet cargo, the next tray will automatically slide to the picking point. Compared with the ordinary shelf, the forklift will not only enter the cargo storage channel,Push-back Racking can increase the use of about 60% of the ground.

Shuttle Racking: shuttle racking is also pallet storage racking, which by the racking, trolleys and forklifts, are high-density storage racking. Shuttle racking not only store high density, the operation waiting time is also small, high efficiency, cargo access can be first out first, you can also advanced out. Is the shelf industry is more advanced storage racking system.

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