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Cantilever Rack Helps Improve Storage Efficiency

- Sep 05, 2017 -

Cantilever Rack is an important kind of shelf. Cantilever shelves are suitable for storing long materials, ring materials, plates, pipes and other materials that can not be used for pallet containers. Can be single or double, with a stable structure, good load capacity, high space utilization characteristics, with the need to match the fork side of the larger side of the forklift use.

We use the column and beam plug combination, easy installation, easy to remove, easy to transport, high-level adjustable. In the cantilever to increase the steel or wooden partitions, suitable for small space, low warehouse, high space utilization, access to goods more convenient and quick, the storage of goods at a glance, compared with the ordinary partition, The higher the cost, for storing bulky, scattered or other special products, cantilevered shelves is the ideal solution.

Cantilever Rack Design:

1. The column is made of two cold-rolled C-type profiles - face-to-face welding, making full use of the material's anti-load capacity, light weight, strong bearing capacity, low cost, more economical and beautiful. Structure formation;

2. The column has a double row of holes, the hole pitch is 140 (50) mm, so the cantilever hanging on it can be adjusted up and down the layers of each layer, increasing the flexibility of storage activities;

3. Design back to increase the overall stability of the shelf, with high-strength cantilever, load capacity, space utilization is high, plus the partition, especially for small space, low warehouse, easy management, broad vision.

Cantilever Rack Features:

1. Cantilevered shelves with structural stability, good load capacity, high space utilization;

2. Cantilevered shelves to increase the partition, suitable for small space, low degree of the Treasury, easy management, wide field of vision, compared with the ordinary partition shelves, the higher utilization;

3. Cargo access by forklift, driving or manual, to facilitate access to the goods.

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