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Multi Layer Racking Features

- Oct 10, 2017 -

Multi Layer Racking usually use medium shelf shelves or heavy shelf shelves as the main and floor support (depending on the total weight of the unit shelf to decide which shelf to use), floor panels are usually selected cold-rolled steel floor, pattern steel floor or steel Grille floor. In recent years, the use of cold-rolled steel floor, it has a strong carrying capacity, good integrity, good load uniformity, high precision, smooth surface, easy to lock and other advantages, there are many types of optional, and easy to match the lighting system, Take, management are more convenient, fully consider the convenience of man-machine operation. Such systems in the field of auto parts, automotive 4S shop, light industry, electronics and other industries have more applications.

Multi Layer Racking Features:

1, Multi Layer Racking can enhance the shelf height, make full use of storage height, and better use of storage space.

2, Multi Layer Racking laying shelves dedicated floor, and the pattern plate or just grille compared to the ability to build a strong, good overall, evenly loaded, the surface smooth, easy to lock and so on.

3,Multi Layer Racking to fully consider the human logistics, design aesthetic, generous structure. Installation, easy to disassemble, according to the field of flexible design.

4, Multi Layer Racking for storing a variety of types of items.

Loft shelf sub-loft and heavy loft, are in the warehouse site to generate an intermediate attic, to increase the storage area, it is so, will be favored by the major companies. Today, 2017 is not normal, in the fierce price competition, many shelf manufacturers must be as much as possible to reduce costs, production costs of steel shelves now rose to this part, the cost savings is very small, only by strengthening product development, Fully saving the material model of the development of new products, through the continuous standardization of products, reduce manufacturing costs. Through the large-scale production and standardization of production will increase the shelf production enterprises in the main direction of comprehensive competitiveness.

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