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What Are The Characteristics Of The Steel Platform In Use?

- Sep 12, 2017 -

Steel structure platform with the overall assembly structure, so the parts can be installed before the surface spray treatment, there is no welding, it has a short construction period, removable, the ground will not cause damage and so on. Usually carrying capacity in the 300kg-1000kg / m2, column selection of carrying capacity, with less steel tube or square tube; primary and secondary beams can be selected according to the needs of the current steel structure in the most cost-effective H-shaped steel; Version of the use of cold-formed steel plate or hollow plate, the use of buckle plate structure, and primary and secondary beam steel fixed, the overall structure of the platform is strong, according to the actual needs of different floor panels to meet the fire or dust, Fall request. The lighting system can also be configured as needed. Cargo transportation can choose hydraulic lift, cargo ladder or forklift.

Steel platform features:

First, the characteristics of steel is its own high strength, light weight, stiffness, it is used to build large span and high, super heavy buildings are particularly suitable;

Second, the steel structure of the material homogeneity and isotropic, is an ideal elastomer, the most basic engineering mechanics of the basic assumptions, is now less than ideal building materials.

Third, its material plasticity, toughness, and may have a greater deformation, so be able to withstand the dynamic load. Many large-scale construction is the main steel structure, the world's first door, is located in Suzhou, is to steel as the main body.

Fourth, the construction period is short, a three hundred square meters of construction, only five people, thirty working days, from construction to decoration in just one month to do. Can save money, save time, save labor!

Fifth, the steel structure of a higher degree of industrialization, high degree of mechanization, can be specialized production, improve work efficiency and reduce the difficulty of construction. And at this stage of the high-speed energy-saving society is very consistent.

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