Compact Pallet Racking

The compact pallet rack cuts your space in half to create space for offices, staging areas or new production lines or double the tray storage space in the same space. Whether you need to reduce your footprint or double your storage space in the same space, compact pallet racks can increase the efficiency of your facility.
The forklift channel consumes up to 60% of the pallet rack storage area.The compact pallet rack allows you to save valuable floor space depending on the level of activity rather than traditional storage. Compact pallet rack units use new or existing pallet racks and place them on specially designed brackets and rails. By pressing the button to create a moving channel and maximizing storage while maintaining 100% selectivity, the rows of the tray rack move smoothly.
If the storage or logistics center has the following characteristics, consider choosing a compact shelf:
1. The amount of goods stored is large, the goods enter and exit more frequently and have higher picking requirements for goods;
2. The storage and logistics center urgently needs to increase the number of storage spaces or require a certain amount of storage;
3. Logistics efficiency requirements have a high level.
4. The available net height of the warehouse is higher than 8M;
5. The forklift can be used with a separate storage forklift. It is not planned to use the storage forklift to drive out and perform other tasks.
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