Mezzanines let your company optimize the vertical space of a warehouse by doubling or tripling the usable surface area. Adding mezzanine work platforms can be the most cost-efficient way to increase warehouse storage space without the expense of a building expansion.
When designing a mezzanine floor, it is important to consider access points, work systems, products, and handling methods to custom plan your system. Steel mezzanine systems can be completely disassembled and re-used. The structure, dimensions, and location are easily modified, with virtually endless possible uses in any industrial setting.
JINHUI's versatile mezzanine made of high-quality components create additional storage spaces, changing rooms, offices, and much more in an already existing or brand new installation. Accessories such as stairs, hand rails, vertical lifts, gates, and security cages improve safety and facilitate product flows from one floor to another. Our wide range of sizes, flooring types, and constructive systems mean your mezzanine adapts to your specific business needs.
Mezzanine Advantages:
1)Effective height utilisation multiplies available storage space
2)Easy to relocate or expand
3)Short order picking routes
4)It can be designed to 2 or 3 levels,with the accessories of the stair and goods lift and so on.
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