Shuttle Racking

The shuttle racking is a dense storage type racking system. The goods are FIFO or advanced, which is suitable for storing large quantities of goods with large items. However, there are certain requirements for the bottom surface of the tray. The space utilization rate is 80%. In the fast-moving consumer goods industry, cold chain storage industry, food and beverage industry, medicine, tobacco and other industries, especially the raw material warehouse of production enterprises have strong applicability.
The shuttle racking system consists of shuttle racks, shuttles and forklifts. The shuttles that run on the shelf-specific rails are shuttles. The body or table can be raised or lowered, lifting and lowering pallets, and palletizing goods. A high-density storage system that is sequentially homing, this efficient storage method brings a new choice for improving warehouse space utilization.
The shuttle car operated by radio remote control can carry pallet goods easily on the guide rails; the vehicle battery provides endurance, mainly relying on four wheels to walk forward and backward. Multiple lanes can be used together with a shuttle. The number of shuttle trolleys is determined by a combination of factors such as roadway depth, total cargo volume, and shipping frequency.
Features of the shuttle racking:
- High-density storage with high warehouse utilization.
- High work efficiency and greatly reduced job waiting time.
- The operation mode is flexible, and the way of accessing goods can be advanced first-in-first-out or advanced.
- High safety factor, reducing the collision between the shelf and the forklift, and improving safety and productivity.
- The lighting requirements are relatively low, compared to other types of shelves, the overall investment is less.
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