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19 Criteria For Normal Shelf Display

- Aug 04, 2017 -

1, all goods and laminates to maintain the width of the two fingers, the excess space to remain in the lower level;
2, the rules of the display of goods in accordance with the brand, color depth, price level of the principle of the same series of merchandise from top to bottom, from left to right for the order, from small to large classification display;
3, the commodity level (has the Chinese explanation side) faces before, the display is neat, the volume is plentiful;
4, the shelves on the sale of goods sold out to pull close to the goods to fill the full spare surface;
5, out of stock goods to mark the temporary shortage of labels, and indicate the date of shortage and arrival time;
6, the shelf can not have errors, expired goods;
7, all out of stock to maintain the vacancy, can not be filled with other goods;
8, the determination of the product surface level display, can not be changed, if there is a special case, must be signed by the store long agreed to rectify;
9, the commodity's single product surface position maintains at least at the 18cm-20cm;
10, the sale of goods is due to shelf sales can not meet the needs of customers and special display as the end-shelf, the head of the goods;
11, the display of goods on the shelves must conform to the principle of commodity classification;
12, the special selling commodity is the seasonal strong, the volume is sufficient, the price is low, the gross margin high commodity;
13, a heap head in principle exhibits a single product, up to 34, more than two kinds, and low prices of goods on display in the front;
14, the height of the goods should be displayed at 1. Around 4m;
15, the heap head and the front N-frame alignment, the main channel display of the heap should be a straight line;
16, clearance, negative Maori goods should not be a pile of goods display;
17, the pile head display of goods to have a card board (pallet) bottom, the goods can not directly contact the ground;
18, the heap head displays the canned goods not more than two layers, carton front facing up, two boxes can not leave gaps;
19, the product of the pile head should be in the same size as the card board, cannot exceed;

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