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Analysis On The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Automated Warehouse Shelves

- Aug 04, 2017 -

What is automated warehouse shelves? In everyone's impression, the automated warehouse shelves should be relatively high, the goods can be stacked with the help of shelves stacking, the full use of warehouse height. In other words, automated stereo library shelves can usually be considered as high level warehouse shelves. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of automated warehouse shelves?

Automated warehouse system, which consists of automated warehouses (/) technology and high level shelves, is the place where materials are kept. With the increase of unit cargo weight and warehouse height, the rigidity and strength of the rack column and the crossbeam are raised, and with the improvement of the automatization of the warehouse, the manufacture and installation accuracy of the shelves are required to improve, and the high precision of the top shelf is one of the main guarantee of the automatic warehouse.

Advantages of high-rise warehouse shelves
First, in foreign countries, generally the height of its definition above 10m, some up to 30m, shelf height can be adjusted. The use of three-dimensional warehouse greatly improved the storage capacity of warehouse unit area. Some domestic units have also begun to build, and currently put into use the three-dimensional warehouse some up to 18m. This kind of warehouse shelves of material transport is very fast, because this kind of warehouse shelves, warehouses equipped with a complete set of loading and unloading machinery, shelves can be disassembled and adjusted, lifts can be through a number of roadways up and down continuous operation, loading any one shelf cargo. So often used in some material distribution center warehouse.
Second, in the high-rise shelves warehouse, material storage, in the library, out of the library by the computer automatic memory, it can timely check inventory, according to the inventory quantity, arrange the purchase plan. Avoid backlogs. Warehouse supplies do not have a fixed location, according to the computer memory where there is vacancy, where the distance recently, computer-operated lifting freighters to where to store or extract. The modernization of warehouses has become a reality in some economically developed countries. Of course, this is some of the more demanding warehouse equipment, can be said to be the development of modern warehouses.

Disadvantages of high-rise warehouse shelves
First, the warehouse site requirements are higher, the floor of the warehouse must reach a certain height, and the location of the load-bearing column is more convenient for the installation of shelves; For the warehouse supporting facilities require a higher, high-rise inventory must choose the stacker and the system, or expensive forklift type.
Second, the height of the warehouse shelves and the number of layers increased, the number of deposits naturally increased, but the accompanying is high construction costs and maintenance costs, but also to the stability and security requirements of the system, and require operators experienced, careful, to prevent accidents.

Of course, automated three-dimensional warehouse is based on different user characteristics and requirements of processing customization, to find the best supplier in the early stage is to do a sufficient budget.

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