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VNA shelves differ from beam-type shelves

- Aug 23, 2018 -

The narrow roadway shelf (VNA) is actually a variant of the beam type pallet rack. The three-way stacker (also known as the narrow roadway forklift) is quite special. Therefore, the shelf layout and structure are somewhat different from the beam type shelves. The following points:

1. The shelf channel is narrow, generally only 1600-1800mm

2. Roadway needs to be equipped with guard rails

3. Configuring the sill or raising the bottom cargo

4. Equipped with a turnover station or a turnaround area

5. Shelves are generally taller and have longer lengths 

6. Warehouses usually have doors at both ends, one side in and out

7. Need low forklift to cooperate to achieve cargo turnover

8. High requirements on the ground


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