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What type of shelves are used in chemical warehouses?

- Sep 05, 2018 -

Chemical storage materials (powder, solid, liquid) storage unit form / container diverse: irregular bags (ton bags, nylon bags), liquid drums (buckets), boxed, boxed, etc., storage What kind of shelf storage is used to solve the problem of convenient storage and reasonable use of storage space is the work of our shelf layout design company. Here are several types of storage shelves used in chemical warehouses in their warehouses. Heavy-duty shelves and through-shelves are commonly used storage shelves. It allows different chemical products to perform better storage and turnover operations.

The characteristics of the heavy-duty shelves are: simple structure, assembled structure, customized with high-quality steel, heavy-duty shelves with a heavy load of more than 500kg per layer, the name of the heavy-duty shelves will be derived. But the density of storage is relatively low. Such characteristics are more suitable for the use of heavy-duty shelves in chemical products for agricultural products, chemical products in box packaging, and the like.

The use of heavy-duty shelves is firstly carried out by intensive packaging of the products, first by trays, etc., and then by heavy-duty shelves for tools such as forklifts.

Through shelves are also an efficient traditional shelf type. The through-shelf can be seen as a heavy-duty shelf with beams. Its specific gravity shelves have more storage spaces available on each floor. For forklifts or unmanned vehicles, they can be driven into the shelves for work. This type of shelf accommodates products with large batch sizes and low specifications. In many chemical products, such as box-type packaging products, small-package chemical and chemical products, and special chemical products that require a cold storage environment, efficient warehousing operations can be carried out with the support of through-shelves. However, the stability of the through-shelf is relatively low and it is not suitable for construction.

The shelves used in chemical material warehouses may choose different types of shelves depending on the actual situation. The shelf of the specific chemical material warehouse needs to comprehensively consider the building structure of the warehouse and the materials placed.

The shuttle racking system is a high-density storage system consisting of shelves, trolleys and forklifts. This efficient storage method is to increase the utilization of warehouse space and bring new storage options to customers! Features of the shuttle shelf: · High-density storage, high warehouse utilization. High work efficiency and greatly reduced job waiting time. The operation mode is flexible, and the way of accessing goods can be advanced first-in-first-out or advanced. High safety factor, reducing the collision between the shelf and the forklift, and improving safety and productivity. The lighting requirements are relatively low, compared to other types of shelves, the overall investment is less. In the recent years, the single chemical industrial warehouse has also been highly respected!

There are a wide variety of chemical materials, complex models and specifications, including general engineering materials, as well as special properties and special-purpose materials for chemical plants. In addition to the properties of general engineering materials, chemical materials should also have excellent corrosion resistance. Depending on the application and conditions of use, chemical materials are sometimes required to have special properties such as high temperature resistance or low temperature resistance, heat conduction or heat insulation. Chemical materials are divided into two major categories: metallic materials and non-metallic materials. Non-metallic materials mainly include plastics, rubber, glass, ceramics, enamel, and impermeable graphite. With the development of the chemical industry, the demand for chemical materials has also been rising, resulting in the rising demand for chemical material warehouse shelves.

Chemical storage warehouses are not only the above types of shelves, but the actual use of which shelves is to consider the above mentioned warehouse building structure, materials placed and other factors. Beam shelves are the main type of chemical material warehouse shelves. It is an ideal choice for chemical material warehouse beam shelves with a wide variety of product specifications and complex models and specifications. The biggest advantage of the beam shelf is that it is convenient to access the goods. It does not need to follow the first-in-first-out or advanced-out, many chemical storage warehouses will choose the beam shelf as the main shelf storage.


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