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What Are The Types Of Steel Platform?

- Nov 17, 2017 -

Steel platform according to the use of different load is divided into: general platform, common operating platform, heavy-duty operating platform. Among them, the general platform refers to the load of 200kg / square meters below the platform, such as the walkway platform, monorail crane maintenance platform. Generally use the tripod, support and other direct branch stand in the plant and other structures.

Ordinary platform refers to the load in a 401kg / m 'platform, such as general equipment maintenance platform, stacking operation platform. Multi-purpose steel girder, trabecular support plank.

Heavy platform refers to the load in the 300kg / square meters above the platform, such as high nursing roof platform, steel shop operating platform, ingot platform. General use of steel to make an independent column net, the main beam, secondary beams, trabecular and plankton.

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