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What Are The Connection Modes Of Steel Structures Platform?

- Oct 24, 2017 -

1. Weld connection

This way of connection is more common in practical applications, he through the heat generated by the arc welding electrode and welding parts melting, cooling condensation into the weld, so as to weld parts into one.

2. Bolt connection

It may be relatively strange to this connection, this connection is through the bolt fasteners to connect the connector into one. Bolt connection is divided into two kinds of common bolt connection and high strength bolt connection.

3 rivet connection

We believe that this connection is still relatively understanding, it will end with the semi-circular prefabricated nail head rivet, the nail rod is red hot quickly inserted into the nail hole connector, and the other end is riveted with the rivet head nail gun, in order to make the connection to the fastening.

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