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Strengthening The Management Of China's Logistics Industry To Meet The Challenge Of Market Internationalization

- Aug 04, 2017 -

1, the capacity of logistics infrastructure greatly improved, the rapid growth of international material flow
The way of specialized logistics service is still very limited: the management level of logistics enterprises needs to be improved. Although China's logistics industry has a relatively rapid development in recent years, compared with the Western developed countries, the number of logistics enterprises in China, small scale, service awareness and quality of service is not satisfactory. First of all, the way of service and means are relatively primitive and unitary. At present, most enterprises engaged in logistics services can only provide transportation (delivery) and warehousing services simply, but in the circulation processing, logistics information Service, inventory management, logistics cost control and other logistics value-added services, especially in the logistics program design and logistics services, such as the full range of logistics services have not been fully launched. Secondly, the organization of logistics enterprises is small and lacks the necessary competitive power. In addition to a few enterprises, the majority of logistics enterprises technical equipment and management means are still relatively backward, service network and information system is not perfect, greatly affect the accuracy and timeliness of logistics services. Currently engaged in logistics services enterprises, including traditional transport and storage and transportation enterprises and new specialized logistics enterprises, scale and strength are still relatively small, networked business organization has not yet formed. Third, the logistics enterprise management level is low, the logistics service quality needs to be further improved. Most of the enterprises engaged in logistics services lack of necessary service standards and internal management procedures, extensive management, difficult to provide standardized logistics services, low quality of service. More importantly, the enterprise lacks knowledge of modern logistics operation and logistics management of complex professionals, staff quality is not high, service awareness is insufficient, the lack of market development initiative.

The integration of logistics management hinders the establishment of the National integrated Logistics system. The development of modern logistics requires breaking the traditional industry and regional restrictions and establishing a unified, open and competitive market. However, as the modern logistics industry in China has just started, so the logistics market management and industry management has not been straightened out, the national Economic and Trade Commission, the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Railways, MOFTEC, domestic trade Bureau, etc. have undertaken a part of logistics management functions. From everywhere, regional economic development is unbalanced, local protectionism still exists. Therefore, China's logistics development has shown obvious sectoral and regional characteristics, industrial, commercial, material, transportation and other fragmented, all in the project, rob the market, coordination between the poor, resulting in waste of resources. This situation also caused the enterprise logistics activities are difficult to achieve the necessary economic size and expected return on investment, resulting in small scale, weak strength, sluggish growth.

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