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There Is Still A Gap Between Supermarket Shelf Standards And International Supermarket Shelves.

- Aug 04, 2017 -

With the improvement of people's living standards, supermarkets this industry is unusually popular, it has basically replaced the canteen, become the main place for people to shop. The development of supermarkets has also led to the development of supermarket shelves, but there is no uniform standard supermarket shelves, will inevitably affect the healthy development of supermarket enterprises in the future. may not be very prominent in the short term, but with the development of the logistics industry, its bottleneck will become more and more obvious. China shelves and Procurement Federation supermarket shelves Special Committee Deputy Secretary-General Wang Xiaore pointed out that the revision of the current GB, as soon as possible to standardize our supermarket shelves standards, has become the supermarket shelves industry's urgent task.
Early supermarket shelves in China, which is often said to be the counters have iron wood and glass, and so on a variety of. But these shelves have a big drawback is not free to adjust the laminate, but also inconvenient to move, also not beautiful. Supermarket shelves in recent years, the introduction of foreign advanced technology research and development of new shelves, compared with the traditional supermarket shelves, it has the characteristics of free regulation, recyclable and so on. In recent years, the domestic retail market has changed quietly, supermarket shelves market demand for a large increase.

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