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Analysis On The Development Of World Storage Shelves

- Aug 04, 2017 -

The development of automated three-dimensional storage shelves:
In recent years, the development of automated stereo storage system is very rapid, at present, the logistics system integrators to build three-dimensional warehouse, of course, one of the automatic three-dimensional storage shelves are also by several large domestic shelves manufacturers to provide, such as fine star, Sonic Fly, East, six-dimensional, Shican, Ding Hu and so on.

In the automated warehouse system of contractors, high-end foreign brands such as Dematic, Fu, as well as Japan and Taiwan's brands such as: Murata, Gang, Formosa Plastic, the Union, and so on, the strongest domestic strength is the Kunming ship, north and north from. In addition: East, today international and so on. 2008 domestic construction of a lot of three-dimensional warehouse, such as Master Kang in the country built three of large-scale warehouse, each has 40,000 of goods above, as well as the Kowloon paper, the early 2009 to build a number of pharmaceutical factory warehouse, and Beime and so on.

Logistics has been listed as the tenth largest revitalization industry, the future of the country's investment in this area will be increased, therefore, with the development of the economy, automated storage shelves development prospects are also very huge.

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