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What Are The Principles That Should Be Paid Attention To In Store Shelves?

- Aug 04, 2017 -

In recent years, with the rapid development of the Internet, E-commerce transactions have been greatly improved every day, and Jingdong, Taobao and other electrical business has become the main channel of purchase of people's lives, and incoming orders let the electric business full of surprises at the same time bring the same pressure. A wide range of commodity types, how can we reach the shelves in storage, to achieve the fastest speed? Which principles should be noted? What are the principles that should be paid attention to in store shelves? Today will share the principle of store shelves in the electrical business.

1, do not go back-this is the basic principle of the delivery guarantee. Whether it is for order shipments or suppliers to goods, must ensure that the goods in the same line execution;

2, Shelf Guide Road-This is the premise of scientific and reasonable arrangement of goods. (1) Shelves according to the size of the Site and SKU box specifications, package the pillars and sewer. The principle of ensuring the shelf-access without column exposure. (2) Shelves by brand vertical order, new shelves listed in the storage shelves, best-selling shelves in the second, Ping shelves listed in the following, the most distant for unsalable shelves. To ensure the shortest distance piled up the principle of high turnover products. The highest turnover of products directly out of the warehouse, from the supplier's finished warehouse delivery to The courier.

3, the speed is supreme--everything else comes. E-commerce is faced with retail, speed and accuracy of strict demand, we one out of 10,000 of the error, for customers is hundred percent error. It is unrealistic to rely on the control of the process node and the people's ideological education to achieve the strict demand of speed and accuracy. So the basic input of logistics equipment is an important detail of warehouse shelf planning. is to temporarily do not invest, planning the warehouse should also be long-term planning. Because the planning of warehouse layout determines the optimum capacity and the best speed. Such as: Mobile SKU box, fire protection facilities, monitoring equipment, collector network, pallet machinery and so on.

4, planning with the single mode of detail-to focus on the core of the tactical principles. Detail planning of warehouse operation equipment. E-commerce logistics facing the market is a war that can't see the smoke. We are in and out of stock in the war, we are also in and delivery of turnovers and delays in the rate of war. I don't know how you guys manage the details of logistical blunders and delays. I made a monthly error rate and delay rate kanban, the failure rate and the delay rate as a team combat objectives. So to win this enduring war victory, we must devise effective tactics. In planning the warehouse, I put the delay rate and error rate as the enemy, the refinement of the single mode as the core of the strategy. Just a learning, is a high degree of responsibility, but also the best way to hone people. I trained the distribution staff in the direction of the single member. If you can do with a single member, the distribution is more than sufficient. So in the planning of the details of the warehouse, all of my equipment production and placement is around a single mode design.

In fact, whether for the electrical business or other industries of customers, the warehouse shelves are a small amount of planning, so in the early days of planning, must be considered complete, in order to avoid the use of some unnecessary problems arising from the process.

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