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Specification for safety of heavy duty racking

- Aug 04, 2017 -

Iron combined shelves in the mother and child shop, supermarket convenience stores and imports of goods displayed in a wide range of applications, shelves in the installation process will encounter different problems, on the iron combined with the installation of the shelves common several typical problems to explain, if you encounter these problems in the installation process, you can see whether these places are not installed well.
1, iron shelves of the column and the lower link has been installed, but the wooden backplane length is not enough or beyond the column section, unable to install the connecting rod
This is the shelf installation process will encounter a typical problem, because the traditional shelves back plate to the hole and mesh plate mainly, processing is a welding molding, and wooden backplane to consider the length of the board, if the height of the shelves beyond the common size of the plank, then the shelves of wood backplane will be considered for splicing, so, iron shelves of the back plate is a two-paragraph form, generally first a short section of the installation to the next connecting rod slot, and then the factory will be with the shelves with aluminum alloy fittings, Install the connectors from top to bottom, then install the longer planks so that the length of the wooden back plate is just right. If the installation is completed after the length of the wooden back plate is higher than the column, generally the next connecting rod installation position is not right, because in the design is, the column installed on the connecting rod hole has three groups, you can move down the next link to install a hole.
2, iron side hanging plate will not be installed
Iron side hanging board many customers have not installed, some side hanging is iron one form, some is the split to the customer there, a very simple style, the factory guidance is easy to install, but the split is relatively troublesome, because the wooden board needs to be fixed with the iron frame, not only need tools but also the manufacturers of tapping, many customers can not be so easy to install, suggest that customers find manufacturers to send installation staff to help. There are iron combined with shelves, side hanging board is pure wood, this is usually equipped with the connection with the shelves column, connecting the column and the wood link up, the wood board and the connector using the tapping screw connection, but also need electric tools to assist.
3, install shelves of the laminate is not suitable
This situation is generally a set of shelves with different width of the laminate, supporting arm and laminates do not match or the installation of laminates caused by not in place.

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