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Why Do Warehouses Choose Multi-tier Racking?

- Sep 23, 2017 -

Multi-tier racking is a kind of modern storage shelves, they are out of the general shelves, the collection of the characteristics of traditional shelves, but also has its own special advantages.

Multi-tier racking is structurally similar to the lofts as normal, and they combine the shelf with the steel platform to form their own unique advantages in high quality complementarity. Their use of the effective complement of other types of shelves in the actual storage of the shortcomings of the warehouse work more orderly and efficient.

Some of the manual storage-based warehouse, the person's height is generally between 1.5-1.8m, if the warehouse height of 5-8 meters or so, the use of other types of storage shelves will cause some space on the waste, can not be sufficient The use of the top of the space in the increase in the cost of some storage. While the loft-style shelves above the effect of the platform can effectively coordinate such a lack of two to three layers of the structure can be used to the upper layer of space can also be convenient for manual access.

Multi-tier racking is easy access and management of the type. The attic shelf is generally lower for the upper shelf for the steel flat floor. Floor selection is cold-rolled steel panel, the characteristics of this material advantages are: carrying capacity, load-bearing more uniform, smooth surface, easy to lock and so on. And according to the actual use of the environment, you can design a different lighting system, as well as staircase and other auxiliary equipment. The above advantages facilitate the need for manual storage operations and warehousing management.

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