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Why Is The Use Of Cold Storage Drive In Racking System?

- Sep 28, 2017 -

First of all, the drive-in racking for the storage of goods and cold storage products in the form of storage is quite similar. Drive-in racking is more suitable for storage category less and a single type of more products into the warehouse storage. This is because of the structure of drive-in racking so that the goods placed  on the shelves, forming a tightly arranged to the unit as a unit of intensive storage.

When the type of goods are stored in a centralized manner, it is advantageous for operation of large-scale shelving of forklift. The same pick is also relatively fast and orderly and efficient. Drive-in racking is also a high-level shelf form, can be the greatest degree of placement as much as possible products. While the cold storage cost is relatively high, with the drive-in type cold storage shelves can be stored in the form of intensive and efficient storage at the same time stable or reduce costs, to achieve a scientific cold storage.

At the same time drive-in racking system is also more suitable for the use of tray-assisted storage shelves type, according to the tray-based storage location, can be in the mass storage of one of the efficient operation of the form. It is a warehouse management form that can be used in conjunction with warehouse mobile equipment for scientific and scale operation. Drive-in cold storage racking in the presence of the most appropriate performance.

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