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The Definition And Characteristics Of Pallet Flow Racking

- Sep 14, 2017 -

The roller line is tilted at a certain angle and fixed on the shelf beam, the tray is put from the high end, along the roller line itself neutral slippery, to control the tray to stabilize the speed of decline, to avoid the impact of the drum line set a set of damping system, The faster the pallet is down, the greater the resistance of the damping system. The end separation mechanism is provided at the lower end for separating the two adjacent trays at the lowest end so that the lowermost tray can be smoothly removed. Gravity shelves require heavier trays, and the use of wooden pallets is already ripe. Other material pallets need to provide practical pallets for damping experiments. Gravity shelf space utilization to achieve a "first in first out" principle, safety and operational efficiency are the same with the through-type shelves, widely used in various industries.

Pallet flow racking structure features:

(1) and through, shuttle the same amount of storage capacity, the use of gravity shipments, forklifts do not have access to the channel, access more convenient;

(2) for a large number of storage and short-term shipment of goods, suitable for production and delivery needs to be done, advanced goods first out of the library;

(3) the use of dense flow storage stack stack, space utilization rate of up to 85%;

(4) the requirements of the tray is high, to ensure that the bottom can slide on the roller, each channel generally store a product;

(5) construction costs are higher, construction is slow.

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