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Warehouse Shelves Use Note

- Sep 09, 2017 -

Warehouse shelves use Note:

1, anti-overload: goods storage of each layer of the weight of the shelf should not exceed the maximum load.

2, anti-ultra-high width: shelf height, layer width has been limited, card board and the size of the goods should be slightly smaller than the net space 100mm.

3, anti-collision: forklift in the course of operation, should try to lightly put.

4, should be put high-level light cargo, the bottom of the criteria for loading and unloading goods.

5, to avoid the use of non-standard floor board (card board) in the use of shelves, Chuanzi at the end of the most suitable.

6, shelves placed above the goods, the operator try not to directly into the bottom of the shelf.

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