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beam structure and general specifications of the shelf

- May 23, 2018 -

  1. Beam-type storage racks are simple in structure, safe and reliable, and can be arbitrarily adjusted and combined, and warehouses are not restricted by the order of items. Widely used in pallet storage, forklift access storage mode. The column plates of the beam-type storage racks are formed by bolts, which are composed of columns, cross braces, and diagonal braces. The column sheet and the c-type soldering beam are connected to form a shelf frame, which is fixed by a safety pin, and the structure is simple and reliable. Each floor can be freely adjusted up and down in 75mm or 50mm steps. 0.

  2. Beam-type storage racks can meet the requirements of layer load according to the size of the pillars and beams, and they have the characteristics of large moment of inertia, strong layer load capability, and strong impact resistance. The maximum layer load per layer can reach 5000 kg in relative design. Layer 

  3.  Beam-type storage shelf single column height up to 12 meters, the plastic shape of the pallet rack is very large, the mold shelf, the attic shelf, three-dimensional library shelves, etc. can also be made into a special oil barrel shelf.. 

  4. Beam-type storage shelves can effectively increase the storage height of the warehouse and increase the space utilization rate of the warehouse. Suitable for all types of goods storage.. 

  5.  Beam-type storage shelves are more secure in shape, prevent forklifts from colliding, and can also increase post protection feet and crash bars. In order to make the loading more secure, beams can be placed on the beams, laths, beams, beams and other ancillary facilities. Beam-type storage racks are low in cost, easy to install and operate, easy to locate, and suitable for any handling tool, and are thus the most widely used shelf. 

  6.  Beam-type storage shelves can also be equipped with laminates, which can be steel plates, dense ammonia plates or grid nets. In order to use different sizes of trays. Due to practicality and purchasing cost considerations, beam-type racks have more scope for use in traditional manufacturing and entrepreneurial enterprises or general logistics and distribution centers for logistics goods.


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