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Cantilever Racking System Introduction

- Sep 13, 2017 -

Cantilever Racking System:

Cantilever Rack is a versatile storage system for long and heavy product storage (cantilevered shelves for wood shelves), is a powerful design for a variety of environments.

Cantilever Rack is a vertical column system consisting of base, arm and horizontal support. Cantilever Rack components are made of rolled and constructed steel. Horizontal or cross support can connect multiple columns.

The best cantilevered shelves use the smallest space to provide a clear and accessible layout.

There is no front pillar, the product level is stored on the cantilever. All cantilevered shelves can be used for forklift or crane operations. As a fully adjustable modular system, additional arm or panel can be added to the cantilever if the requirements change.

In short, heavy-duty cantilevered shelves are a cost-effective storage solution that is ideal for storing long, bulky or irregularly shaped items and materials. For example, cantilevered shelving systems are ideal for efficient storage of steel pipes, plastic pipes, planks, metal plates, and the like. We can design and manufacture cantilevered shelves to meet your requirements.

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