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What kind of warehouse is used in cantilever racking

- Sep 17, 2017 -

Cantilever racking is a type of warehouse racking, and the biggest difference with other heavy shelves is his structure and the storage of goods, the structure of the cantilevered shelves led to his storage of goods and other shelves different. The biggest feature of the cantilever rack is the base and cantilever. The base at the bottom of the structure, is also a key component, connected with the ground, the cantilever shelf from a stable support role. The base of the solid or not important. Cantilever for the storage of goods, according to their own requirements, can be made of single cantilevered shelves can also be made of double cantilevered shelves, under normal circumstances, the use of double cantilevered shelves a little more. The choice of cantilevered material is determined by the weight of the stored goods. Store the weight of different materials are not the same. The middle part of the connecting base and the cantilever is the column, cantilever mounted on the column, the column is the main parts of the entire frame, bear the entire shelf vertical force.

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