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Cantilever shelf related questions and answers

- Mar 30, 2018 -

1, shelf form: under normal circumstances by the column, base, cantilever, horizontal pull, back pull, safety pin, any layer cantilever can be adjusted, the pitch is 100/140mm, the column plate is connected to the ground through the expansion bolt, so that Reaching customers to adjust the spacing according to the size of the goods is one of ideal shelves suitable for the storage of long strips, plates and round goods.

2, shelf classification: According to the load can be divided into light cantilever, medium cantilever, heavy cantilever and heavy-duty cantilever four; according to the shelf shape can be divided into single-sided cantilever and two cantilever two.

3, shelf manufacturing precision: parts to take the punching machine mechanical punching positioning, to ensure its consistency.

4. The characteristics of the shelf structure: The column is mechanically punched automatically, and the column and cantilever are connected by bolts, so the bearing effect is good.

5. Shelf safety performance: The column piece is connected with the cross beam, and the column claw and column of the cross beam adopt the plug-in type cooperation, and at the same time, the safety pin is inserted into the hole on the column claw, so as to ensure that the rack will not be tilted due to the impact of the external force.

6, shelf size and bearing requirements: According to each customer's requirements (under normal circumstances ≤ 4000kg / layer).


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