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Several shelves that are common in warehouses

- Mar 28, 2018 -

  Stereoscopic Rack Storage Since the development of flat storage to high-level three-dimensional storage,   shelves have become the main body of three-dimensional warehouses. A variety of automated and mechanized warehouses consisting of various types of shelves satisfying different functional requirements have become an important link in the storage system and the entire logistics system or production process.       Pallet Rack Pallet Rack is used to store palletized palletized cargo, along with roadway stackers and other storage and transportation machines. High-rise racks generally use monolithic structures, which are generally welded by steel bars (with trays) and are connected by horizontal and vertical tie rods and crossbeams. The side clearance 6 considers the parking accuracy of the goods in the original position, the accuracy of the parking position of the stacker, the mounting accuracy of the stacker and the shelf, and the width of the cargo support. Must be larger than the side clearance convex so that one side of the cargo is in an unsupported state. Gravity shelves Each cell of a gravity rack is an inventory ramp with a certain slope. The cargo unit loaded into the slideway by the person's storage crane can automatically move from the storage side to the storage side under the action of its own weight until the exit side of the slide or the existing cargo unit stops. After the first cargo unit located at the outbound side of the slideway is removed by the outbound crane, each cargo unit behind it is moved by gravity to a storage location on the outbound side. In order to reduce friction between the container and the shelf, rollers or rollers are provided on the stock chute. Through-shelf Shelf-type Shelves almost double the storage capacity in the same space than the usual pallet shelves, because the roadway between rows of shelves is cancelled and the shelves are merged so that the same layer and the same column of goods Through. Loft-style shelves This is a simple shelf that makes the most of space. Build a middle loft on existing shelves or work areas to increase storage space. Plasters can be placed on the attic floor and can be used for lighter and medium-sized items or long-term storage. The goods can be lifted with forklifts, conveyor belts, hoists, electric hoists or lifting tables. Lightweight carts or pallet traction trolleys are generally used in the attic. Screen-hanging shelf Screen-hanging shelf is composed of a hundred-page hanging screen and hanging box. It is suitable for the storage of various small parts of various types or specifications, and can also be set on trolleys or trays to temporarily store between processes, or as an assembly line. Used for feeding. Mobile shelves Mobile shelves are easy to control, safe and reliable. Each row of shelves has a motor drive, which is moved by the rollers mounted on the shelves along the track laid on the ground. Its outstanding advantage is to improve the space utilization, a set of shelves only need one channel, and a channel of the fixed pallet shelf only serves two rows of shelves on both sides of the channel.                  Therefore, in the same space, the storage capacity of mobile racks is much higher than that of normal     stationary racks. Open-type mobile shelves The open-type mobile shelves have their transmission mechanism set in the shelf base, and the operation panel is arranged at the end of the shelf. The shape is simple and the operation is convenient. There is a safety line switch at the front and back of the shelf, and the entire rack stops immediately when an obstacle is encountered. Closed Mobile Shelves Closed Mobile Shelves When there is no need to access the goods, after the shelves are moved together, they are all closed and fully locked. There is a rubber seal at each shelf interface, also called a closed shelf. Rotary shelves Rotary shelves are equipped with electric drives (the drive section can be located on the top of the shelf, but also on the shelf base). The shelf runs along a circular track consisting of two straight sections and two curved sections. Operated by a switch or with a small computer. When accessing the goods, the cargo number of the goods is entered from the control panel button, and the goods are automatically rotated at the nearest distance to the picking point to stop. Short picking route, picking efficiency

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