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Do you understand several storage shelf types?

- May 07, 2018 -

Storage Shelves Lightweight Shelves Product Description

1, usually used for small and medium-sized parts, lighter cargo storage, single-layer load-bearing is preset within ≤150kg.

2, mainly by human, manual handling, storage and picking operations.

Storage shelf medium shelf product description

1, usually used for small and medium-sized parts, lighter cargo storage, single-layer bearing weight is preset within ≤300kg.

2, mainly by human, manual handling, storage and picking operations.

Storage shelf heavy shelf product description

1, heavy shelves can be with the size of the beam, the thickness of the laminate, the number of ribs to determine the layer load requirements, in the case of the relative length and material selection requirements, the maximum layer load up to 2500 kg / layer.

2, heavy shelves In general, the column height does not exceed 12 meters, and can be built on the shelves based on the attic shelf. Specific can inquire Nanjing Jinhui storage equipment.

Storage shelf mold shelf product description

As shown in Figure 1, safe and reliable additional safety devices;

2, Easy to use bearing assembly, sliding balance and independent hanging mold device;

3, Drawer mold rack space-saving, each frame can be placed more than one set of molds, convenient maintenance management and find the mold. Nanjing Jinhui can be customized according to customer requirements. Standard Drawer Mould Holder Features: Three standard and four standard drawer type mold holder;

Stacker truss product description

Cargo stacking at high levels to achieve multi-level management. The goods can be placed directly on the racks for easy transportation by forklifts without additional trays or containers. Free to arrange, easy to move. The special track design, the load tolerated, etc. is spread over a single layer of four columns. Carrying 1000KG, each group can carry 3000KG.

Storage shelf through-shelf product description

Pallet goods are stored on the guide rails at both ends, and the forklift can be driven into the rack. The rack system can reach a height of 10 meters and the well has 4 or 5 or even 10 pallet depths. The storage capacity is intensive, and it is suitable for a single, large number of cargo accesses. Since the forklift truck is operated in the rack, the forklift, the pallet, the goods and the shelves need to be protected, and the ground needs to be leveled. The back of the shelf needs to be reinforced and the forklift can only enter from one end.

Storage shelf cantilever rack product description

The column is made of two cold-rolled profile profiles - face-to-face welding. The column is punched with double holes so that the cantilever can be hung on it and the height of each layer can be adjusted up or down. The length of the cantilever shelf can be arbitrarily matched. Is the end of the cantilever? Need to end, customers can special instructions, the end is divided into welded and plug-in type.

Storage shelf loft shelf product description

The loft shelf system is to build a middle loft on the existing work site or shelf to increase storage space. It can be used for two or three-story lofts. It is suitable for accessing some light foam and small and medium-sized cargoes. Many varieties of small quantities of goods, artificial access to goods. The goods are usually delivered by forklifts, hydraulic lifts or freight elevators to the second floor and third floor, and then transported to a location by a light trolley or a hydraulic pallet truck. Applicable to high warehouse, small cargo, manual access, large storage volume situation.


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