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4 points to pay attention to custom shelves

- May 04, 2018 -

1. Forced live load: Live load refers to the weight of goods and pallets that are placed on storage shelves, and also relates to the snow (rain) load of the roof. The

2. Forced constant load: The constant load refers to the self weight of the structure of the storage rack itself, and connects the weight of the C-shaped steel and house frames, purlins, house frames, roof plates, and wall plates. The

3. Vertical impact load: refers to the impact load generated when the stacker stores goods. The

4. Wind load: It is the focus of the overall three-dimensional warehouse stress calculation. In general, the investors of the monolithic warehouse are based on the rational and effective use of space, so the height of the monolithic warehouse is relatively high, and the general aspect ratio is: L (height) = 1.5-2 W (width). Thus, The security of the warehouse under wind load is an important indicator.


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