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Gravity shelf features

- Apr 25, 2018 -

Gravity shelf features

1, the goods from the high end of the deposit, slide to the low end, remove from the low end.

2, the goods follow the first-in first-out order. The shelf has a high storage density and has a flexible fit function.

3. It is suitable for storage operations with trays as carriers, and the goods stack is neat. It provides a better solution for the storage of large and heavy objects. The utilization rate of storage space is above 75%, and only one entry and exit channel is required.

4. Gravity racks are very environmentally friendly, all use no power form, no energy consumption, low noise, safe and reliable, and can operate at full load.

Gravity shelf structure

Gravity shelves evolved from pallet-style shelves using either roller or bottom wheel trays. Heavy shelves are also called pallet racks. They have the features of large bearing capacity, wide range of high adaptability, mechanical access, and high selection efficiency, but their space utilization rate is general.

The advantages of gravity shelves

1. Smooth operation, large load, low noise, free flow path adjustment, and normal operation in ultra-low temperature environment of -40°C.

2, the coefficient of friction is very small, with excellent impact resistance, strong and unbreakable. In terms of chemical properties, it is resistant to acid and alkali and does not absorb moisture.


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