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The characteristics of various types of shelves

- Apr 23, 2018 -

Metal warehouse shelves features:

The cold-rolled steel plate is formed by four-side bending according to the required size. The columns and steel laminates produced by Jinhui Shelf Factory are connected to the fixed shelf through quick-release detents and triangular-shaped fixing tabs. After all components of the shelf are processed and processed, they are all processed by grinding, pickling, phosphating, automatic powder electrostatic spraying, and drying. The shelf surface of finished products produced is smooth and beautiful; the laminates can be adjusted freely up and down, facilitating disassembly and assembly.

Gravity shelf features:

The ideal choice for high-density, high-efficiency storage of goods, the use of free access design, high inventory flow rate, according to a single pick, quick delivery, good ground utilization, storage 60% of the space station warehouse.

Loft-style shelves features:

The loft-type shelf is a floor support with a shelf, and can be designed as a multi-storey floor (usually 2-3 floors) with stairs and goods lift elevators, etc., suitable for higher warehouse, light cargo, and manual access. Use hoists and hydraulic lifting platforms in case of large storage volumes.

Cantilevered shelves features:

Cantilever shelves are suitable for storing long and irregular objects, such as various types of pipeline hoses and steel plates.

The characteristics of conventional tray shelves:

Conventional tray racks are often called beam racks or cargo racks; plug-in combination assembly structures, such shelf column material is very important, Jinhui shelf plant column is imported from the continuous cold rolling mill The column piece is a prefabricated structure, with a plug-in connection between the beam and the column, and is equipped with a spring-type safety pin with strong self-locking ability to ensure the safety and reliability of the connection between the beam and the column during the use of the shelf and the operation of the forklift. Safe and secure; unit shelf load up to 4,000 kilograms per layer; goods placed on the tray, the access operation by the forklift, convenient and flexible storage, can be configured forward type battery forklift, counterweight battery forklift, general forklift and stacker Machines and other handling access equipment.


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