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Warehousing demand features have four major design points

- Apr 20, 2018 -

1. Storage warehouse structure. That is, at the beginning of designing a storage plan, it is necessary to understand the height of the warehouse to determine the height of the shelf design. Sometimes there are pillars in the warehouse, which are designed to avoid such obstacles. The structure and flatness of the warehouse floor will affect the design and installation. Of course, firefighting facilities and lighting equipment are also in design considerations. Therefore, when designing a storage solution, it is best to allow customers to provide clear warehouse drawings for later design of storage solutions.


2. The morphological characteristics of the stored items. Firstly, the weight of the stored items is an important parameter that directly affects the loading of the shelves. The size of the stored items also affects the size of the shelves. For example, the height of each layer needs to consider the height of the stored items. Sometimes according to the different requirements of the article, it will be used with pallets, storage cages, bins and other station equipment during storage.


3. Storage handling storage. According to the different items stored, the storage and transportation equipment is also different, sometimes using a forklift to work, which will affect the spacing between shelves. Sometimes it is lighter to store goods, and manual storage will be used. If necessary, it can be used with a logistics vehicle or an ascending car.


4. Storage out of storage. Regardless of whether the access method is first-in-first-out or advanced-backward, the access frequency or the number of accesses must be based on the data for a corresponding design scheme for reasonable storage.


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