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Steel platform features and advantages

- Apr 18, 2018 -

Steel platform is also called working platform. Nanjing Jinhui warehousing equipment technical personnel said that the structure of the modern steel structure platform is diversified and functions are readily available. The biggest feature of the structure is the fully assembled structure, which is flexible in design. It can design and manufacture steel structure platforms that meet site requirements, functional requirements, and logistics requirements according to different site conditions. It is widely used in modern storage.

Five major characteristics of the steel platform inventory

Feature One

First, steel is characterized by its own high strength, light weight, and high stiffness, so it is particularly suitable for the construction of large-span and ultra-heavy, super-heavy buildings; Second, the steel structure of the material is homogeneous and isotropic It is an ideal elastic body that best meets the basic assumptions of general engineering mechanics. It is the ideal building material for the future.

Thirdly, its material is plastic and tough, and it can have large deformation, so it can withstand dynamic loads well. Many large-scale buildings are mainly composed of steel structures. The world's first door, located in Suzhou, is a steel structure.

Fourthly, the construction period is short, and a 300-square-meter building requires only five people and thirty working days. It can be done from construction to decoration in just one month. It can be said to save costs, save time, and save labor!

Fifth, steel structures are highly industrialized and highly mechanized. They can be specialized in production, improve work efficiency, and reduce construction difficulty. This is in line with the current high-speed energy-saving society.

Sixth, the disadvantage is poor fire resistance and corrosion resistance.

Feature 2

The steel structure attic is constructed of high-quality steel pillar beams, and then framed floor structure of the floor plate. Floor panels are usually made of cold-rolled steel floor slabs, patterned steel floor slabs or steel lattice floor slabs or double-storey wooden splints. In recent years, many cold-rolled interlocking structural steel floor slabs have been used. They have the advantages of strong bearing capacity, good integrity, good bearing uniformity, high precision, smooth surface, and easy locking. There are many types of options, and they are easy to use. Matching lighting system, access, management are more convenient.

Feature Three

1 simple structure, beautiful appearance, convenient folding, can be made into multi-layer;

2 floor with a variety of floor options, anti-tip effect is good;

3 The load bearing effect is good, and the load per square meter reaches 300-2000KG;

4 to consider fire prevention, lighting issues;

5 can be used with a forklift or lifting table equipment;

6 Floor floor can be made of steel grid, wood, steel plate and flat steel plate;

7 can use sandwich panels to build the room.

Feature Four

It has the advantages of high space utilization, strong bearing capacity, stable structure, flexible access mode and beautiful appearance.

General specifications: span 10 meters, column distance 5 meters, height 2 meters.

Feature five

1. Light weight and high strength. The weight of residential buildings constructed with steel structures is about 1/2 of that of reinforced concrete houses; the use of residential areas is more than 4% higher than that of reinforced concrete buildings.

2, safety and reliability, seismic, wind resistance performance.

3. Steel structure components are produced in the factory, reducing on-site workload, shortening the construction period, and complying with industrialization requirements.

4, steel structure factory production quality, accurate size, easy installation, easy to cooperate with the relevant parts.

5, steel can be recycled, less pollution to the environment during construction and demolition.

The steel structure platform is a combination structure of columns and beams, and its integrity is strong. The steel platform has large bearing capacity, uniform stress, quick construction and low cost, and can be designed in multiple layers according to the actual site. Under the card board available directly under the stack, you can also do shelves, using manual pallets to access the goods. The pallet truck can be directly driven on the platform, and a lifting platform can be installed at the same time to speed up the circulation of the goods on the platform. Due to a better solution to the use efficiency of narrow spaces, it is widely used in warehouses with high inventory, but small area and high space utilization.


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