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Must keep in mind the shelf use safety tips

- Aug 04, 2017 -

Security has always been our every shelf user must keep in mind, slightly careless, resulting not only in the loss of the storage of goods, serious may also threaten the life of the shelf users. Today, we will introduce the small common sense of the safe use of shelves.

1. Anti-Overload: Shelves are designed by the technical staff of the shelves have a maximum load, the storage of goods weight should be controlled in this maximum load, and less than this maximum load is more advantageous to safety.

2. Ultra-Superb width: shelf installation, the height of the layer, the width is fixed, the size of the card board and cargo should be slightly less than 100mm of net space, if the storage of goods change, you can disassemble the combination.

3. Anti-collision: To forklift trucks and other handling equipment access to the warehouse, should be set up anti-collision guardrail, and in the forklift operation process, should be as light as possible, reduce the handling equipment and shelves between the impact, reduce the damage rate.

4. Top-Heavy: Follow the rules of the storage of goods, to achieve high levels of light goods, lower-level put heavy goods, that is, shelves from top to bottom, from light to heavy principle, maintain shelves and storage of this overall balance, more secure and stable.

5. Timely replacement of damaged beams and pillars: in the practice process, we found that the shelves of the beam and column damage is very common, when the damage should be found in time to inform the shelves manufacturers to replace, not to have a fluke psychology.

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