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Steel structure platform

- Sep 30, 2017 -

Composition and classification of steel structure platform:

1. Composition: platform structure is usually by the plating, primary and secondary beams, columns, columns between the support, as well as ladders, railings and other components.

2. Classification: According to the requirements can be divided into indoor and indoor platforms, to withstand static load and dynamic load platform, production support platform, and medium and heavy operating platform in accordance with the different ways of bearing, platform structure can be divided into:

1) directly on the plant column of the tripod or legs on the platform, the function is usually a safe channel or for a simple medium-sized operating platform.

2) side of the support in the plant column or building walls, the other side of the independent column platform.

3) Platforms supported on large equipment.

4) all for the independent platform, by a larger dynamic load or heavy care of the equipment platform, should be separated from the plant column design, directly supported on the independent column.

Steel structure platform under the plate are generally required by a certain pitch in the stiffener, its role is:

1) to ensure that the floor has a certain stiffness, during which jump is generally 100-150 times the thickness of the board;

2) as the edge of the edge of the board;

3) as a smaller concentrated load (such as steel stairs, stents, etc.) the strengthening of the role of measures;

4) If necessary, as the edge of the plank support trabecular, from the bearing role. & nbsp;

Steel platform construction program should pay attention to the following:

1, to meet the requirements of the production process operation to ensure the passage and operation of the clearance.

2, to determine the platform structure of the plane size, elevation, beam grid and column layout in addition to meet the requirements, the beam, the column layout should also consider the platform equipment load and other large concentrated load position and large diameter industry Pipeline hanging and so on.

3, the layout of the platform structure, should strive to achieve economic rationality, force directly clear.

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