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How to choose a manufacturer before purchasing the storage racking?

- Oct 17, 2017 -

How to choose the manufacturer of storage shelves? Different manufacturers operate different ideas. Many manufacturers operating is not flexible, the principle of strong, often need to consult when there is no room for negotiation, the customer can only accept. There are some no warranty period, the goods out of a warehouse or collection, as a transaction, not responsible. Especially to buy the kind of poor quality, a lot of new products have been rusty phenomenon, to be replaced is not for the goods that is the grade. So choose a good manufacturer is very important. How to choose the type of storage shelves? This is mainly the need to understand what they want to place the goods, heavy Is it a box or a piece? According to the average shelf size of the shelf, determine the width of the shelf, the height, the number of layers and the total height, and finally confirm the length. And then press the confirmation of a good storage shelves long, wide, budget a layer of shelves, all put the heaviest goods, the total weight will be how heavy. This will know the weight of the layer. With these basic references, you can choose the model of the shelf (mainly layer load, because the price is related).

In many manufacturing enterprises often encounter such problems, enterprises in the purchase of the shelves did not consider the actual situation of the warehouse and the production site and the purchase of storage shelves, resulting in a waste of storage space, and even some shelves used after a period of time found unable to meet the production site Material piling up, and then spend money to transform the shelves. This situation is not uncommon, to the enterprise caused unnecessary waste.

1, depends on the stability of storage shelves. The stability of the shelves has always been one of the key issues in the design of the warehouse steel structure. Due to the many uncertainties in the design, construction and use of the warehouse steel structure, it is necessary to introduce the reliability analysis.

2, to know what kind of shelves for your warehouse. Before choosing to buy, first look for the shelves factory professionals to study your warehouse, this can save a lot of inconvenience, improve the utilization of the warehouse.

3, see the process. After the molding of the black parts should be through the degreasing, rust, pretreatment, phosphating, passivation, electrostatic spraying, high temperature curing and other links. The quality of the powder is also excellent. Generally every shelf enterprise has a standard color, spray standard color general low cost. If you use a special color, change the powder will increase the duration, a waste of powder, so the cost will be relatively high.

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