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Structure advantages of cantilever storage shelves

- Apr 12, 2018 -

The cantilever can be single-sided or double-sided. The cantilevered shelf has the characteristics of stable structure, good load carrying capacity and high space utilization. Access to goods is carried out by forklift trucks, trucks or manually. Cantilevered shelves are usually within 2.0 meters in height (such as up to 6 meters when accessed by a forklift truck), cantilever lengths are within 1.5 meters, and each arm is usually within 800KG.

1. The cantilever rack has single arm and two arms, which can efficiently store wood, pipe, strips and other similar products. The cantilever rack can be composed of a single column piece unit and a cantilever arm to continuously form a plurality of unit systems through horizontal pull rods, diagonal pull rods, and the like.

2. Cantilever shelves are effective storage systems in terms of quality, safety and management. The column sheet consists of a column and a base. The column consists of two specially designed C-shaped steels. This structure takes full advantage of the material's anti-load capacity, and has the characteristics of large load-bearing and low cost.

3. Pre-fabricated pre-fabricated double-row holes. The pitch of holes is 100mm. The cantilever is connected with the column through the plate pins. It can be adjusted up and down by 100mm pitch.

Cantilevered shelves are mostly used in machinery manufacturing and building materials supermarkets. With the addition of shelves, it is particularly suitable for small, low-rise warehouses, convenient management, wide field of vision, and higher utilization than ordinary shelves.


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