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Storage rack installation points

- Apr 10, 2018 -

Six general rules when installing storage racks

1. In order to guide the general installation and acceptance of shelves, ensure quality and safety, promote technological progress, and increase economic efficiency, this Code is formulated.

2. The shelf installation should be constructed according to the plan. When there is any difference in the design or design during construction, it should be promptly put forward, and the construction can only be carried out after the approval of the change.

3. All kinds of measuring and testing instruments, instruments, instruments and equipment used in the installation shall comply with the provisions of the current national measurement regulations, and their accuracy level shall not be lower than the precision level required for installation.

4. The concealed works before the shelf installation shall be inspected after the project is concealed.

5. Perform self-test during installation.

6. In addition to the implementation of this specification, rack installation shall comply with the provisions of the current national standards (industry).

In addition, special attention should also be paid to the details of construction preparation, assembly and pay-off, anchor bolts, erecting of shelves, on-site processing, and acceptance during installation. Customers must choose sales, design, and installation when they choose to purchase shelves. One-stop service shelf manufacturers must not install themselves for cheap, avoid unnecessary troubles after purchase, reasonable storage shelf installation can not only deliver the maximum value of the shelf, but also extend the shelf life.


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