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Compact Pallet Racking

- Apr 08, 2018 -

Compact Pallet Rack also known as push-back shelving and trolley-type shelving, evolved from pallet-style shelves. Using the principle of a combination of rails and pallet trolleys, a multi-storey trolley is connected between the front and rear beams, and the stack of goods is pushed from the outside to the trolley to push in. After that, the stored goods will push the original goods inwards. Space utilization is high, and access is also more flexible and convenient. The total depth of shelves should not be too deep, generally within 6 tray depths, otherwise space sacrifice will be greater due to the mutual insertion of pallet trolleys.

Compact Pallet Rack Features:

1. The typical structural parts such as the pallet trolley, the pallet truck has the flow characteristics, the goods are regulated at one end of the shelf, and follow the order of advanced back and forth.

2. When the goods are stored and transported, the forklift only operates at the lower level of the shelf channel and does not need to enter the shelf cargo storage channel. Such shelves have the typical characteristics of high storage density and fast storage and transportation speed.

3, is usually used for storage sites is extremely limited, but must increase the storage capacity or time requirements for the goods, etc. are not required for the use of goods picking.

Compact Pallet Rack working principle: When the first pallet is picked up during the press-in rack picking, the next pallet slides to the picking point by itself, effectively using a single channel for access, especially for the storage and management of the cargo transit area. Compared with ordinary shelves, Compact Pallet Rack can increase the use rate of about 60% of the ground. Push-in shelving is safer and more efficient than drive-in shelving, and requires only a combination of reach-forklift trucks and counterweight forklift trucks, and requires less forklift truck operation than drive-in.

Compact Pallet Rack application:

Compact Pallet Rack space has high utilization rate, but generally it should not be too deep. When the goods are advanced and come out, they need to be accessed by forklifts. Therefore, they are suitable for small varieties and large quantities of goods, and are also suitable for freezers and other space-consuming applications. Happening.


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