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The reason why shelves are placed back-to-back in storage

- Aug 04, 2017 -

Shelf shelves, heavy-duty shelves, gravity-type shelves because of practical common in the large and medium-sized warehouses. Warehousing, shelves and shelves will leave 80cm to 200cm range, some may be larger, the purpose is to facilitate manual or forklift pickup.
Large warehouses may have been taken into account when built, so the distance between shelves and shelves in the warehouse is decent. The only stingy is some small warehouses, because their space is limited, put shelves in the middle of the words reserved space is very narrow, sometimes just enough two people walk side-by, this is not uncommon in all parts of the country. Because many new small and medium-sized enterprises, warehousing is just a start.
Warehouse covers a limited, shelf emissions naturally cannot be deep pockets, need to be prudent. This shelf shelves, gravity shelves, heavy-duty shelves, through shelves, and so on will be the shelves of the company designed to back-to-back display.
Put shelves back to back, can save a lot of warehouse space, both sides of the aisle can take goods, take the goods freely, no impact on weekdays warehousing, handling work. Such shelves in the early days of the popular, to the now has become a lot of shelves company design shelves, will be based on the storage area, calculate the factors therein.
Back and forth shelves, is not just a small warehouse will be used, a lot of systematic storage base, in the display, laminate, through, heavy shelves, etc., will be used in this way to save space.

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