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Classification of storage Shelves

- Aug 04, 2017 -

Heavy pallet Shelves: The use of high-quality cold-rolled steel sheet by roll molding, the column can be up to 6 meters and no seams in the middle, the selection of high-quality square steel beam, load-bearing capacity is large, not easy to deformation, the beam and column between the hanging pieces for the cylindrical bulge inserted, reliable connection, easy disassembly, and the use of locking nails, in case of forklift work will be the beam provoked; all shelves of the surface by pickling, phosphating electrostatic spraying process, anti-corrosion rust, beautiful appearance. Suitable for large warehouses.

Medium-sized Shelves: medium-sized Shelves modelling chic, reasonable structure, easy to dismantle, without screws, and strong, strong bearing capacity, widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, enterprise warehouses and institutions.

Light Racking: Lightweight punching rack is a kind of versatile structure system, which can be widely used in assembling lightweight frame, worktable, tool car, suspension system, safety net and supporting skeleton. The length of the punching angle can be cut by the scale, assembled, corrected and reinstalled with screws, so that it can meet the needs of the careful plan and the emergency use.

Loft-Type shelves: Full modular structure, can be used plank, pattern board, steel plate, and other materials to do floor, can be flexibly designed into two layers and multi-layer, suitable for hardware tools. Electronic equipment, machinery spare parts and other items of small package storage, storage of many varieties, small quantities of goods to make full use of space.

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